Flash vs. Javascript

As a front end developer, you come across many different ways of doing the same thing.  Many methods of coding with jquery, a javascript tool kit, will give the same results as using Flash.  Some examples consist of animating text and images or adding effects to click events.  The main difference with using javascript is that it’s viewable on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad-type devices like tablet PC’s. 

I prefer to use javascript for a couple of reasons:

1. More versatile!
Javascript can be easily learned and is a must-know for front end development.

2. Easily viewable in all browsers and devices that have a browser
Javascript is cross-browser friendly and cross-device friendly.

3. There are so many tool sets derived from javascript to use
There’s many easily available tools that javascript offers to many development easier than ever.  Jquery and Raphael are just a few tools that make coding in javascript simple and robust..

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