Incorporating Music into your Website

Ten years ago when Flash was just beginning to catch on and everyone wanted “flashy” sites, many developers added a soundtrack to the intro to their web projects.  Today, music and heavy flashy intros are annoying,  expensive to build, and they do nothing in terms of on-page optimizing for search engines to pick up proper key words. 

In a world where everyone’s in a rush and information is needed a few seconds faster, Having a heavy flash-based website is not a good idea especially because of the use of mobile phones to access web content.  Mobile smartphones such as the iPhone can’t view flash content and if you’re paying for bandwidth, having that extra page that you have to click into is a total waste.

If you still want a flashy intro, maybe adding an option to view the intro will give your users a choice  rather than to have them suffer the consequences of waiting 60 seconds for the movie to load.

The use of jquery (a javascript tool library) can be used to create a light-weight, flashy enough homepage that will do just the same and is search engine friendly.

Check out this site that offers a free flash music player: Link

Other free music players: Link.