Design Techniques: Spacing Your Text in Graphics

If you like designing like I do, you know that you have to play graphics editor as well.  Using tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop offer so many tools but they don’t offer any design decisions for you.  Using the correct typography and colors are decisions that you must make when designing a graphic such as a flyer, business card, or poster.  Spacing is a key ingredient to having a professional looking design without the heavy cost of hiring a professional graphic designer.  Whether is Microsoft Word or InDesign, type and graphic spacing can make a big difference in you presentation.

Spacing does three things:
1. Creates grouping of elements in your design
2. Establishes a hierarchy
3. Improves legibility of your graphic

In the famous book on writing, The Elements of Style, William Strunk offers the phrase “omit needless words.” We can change that for graphic design as “omit needless elements.”.