Jquery: The new Flash

Many developers that I talk to are moving toward javascript to do most of the things they once did with Adobe Flash.  Not only does javascript offer the tools to animate objects with kits like Jquery and MoTools, but it delivers a more versatile toolkit than Flash.  Don’t get me wrong, Flash is a very useful tool and with the addition of AS3 (actionscript), Flash developers can still develop some pretty cool stuff. […]

Incorporating Music into your Website

Ten years ago when Flash was just beginning to catch on and everyone wanted “flashy” sites, many developers added a soundtrack to the intro to their web projects.  Today, music and heavy flashy intros are annoying,  expensive to build, and they do nothing in terms of on-page optimizing for search engines to pick up proper key words.  […]

Flash vs. Javascript

As a front end developer, you come across many different ways of doing the same thing.  Many methods of coding with jquery, a javascript tool kit, will give the same results as using Flash.  Some examples consist of animating text and images or adding effects to click events.  The main difference with using javascript is that it’s viewable on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad-type devices like tablet PC’s.  […]